How can we be of service?

The owner, Sean Garvey, has years of experience and has assisted clients and attorneys with cases as an expert witness in court cases involving builder mistakes, contractor malpractice, and other home building issues.

What is expert testimony? Expert testimony is when our company, or a representative from our company, is hired to provide an expert opinion in court or for a court case regarding home inspections, construction practices, or items related to real estate. The inspectors in our company are qualified in the construction and inspection field. We offer expert testimony as a service in order to assist a case that may go to court to resolve a dispute. Our inspectors are trained to give factual information based on what was accessible at the time of our inspection.

We may be used for a case that needs assistance in any of the following:

  • Questionable installation practices – When a party believes that the installation of building products were installed against the manufacturer's specifications, were improperly used for it’s intended purpose, or is installed against code or safety standards at the time of construction.
  • Premature failing building material – This is when someone has building material that has obviously failed prior to its manufactured intended life. Our services are valuable in order to investigate and to determine if the product was installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and if it has prematurely aged or “failed” to meet what the manufacturer represented its lifetime to be. Our experience allow us to best represent a clear and informed perspective to present the acquired information upon discovery.
  • Real estate disputes – It is possible to have a real estate transaction in which a dispute arises as to the condition of the property. Our expert services can provide assistance and validation to real estate disputes. We will clearly identify the condition and what actions are needed to correct its intended function. If desired, we can arrange for cost estimates in order to assist in a well informed and timely resolution.

We are a full-service inspection firm that provide solutions to home buyers.  We specialize in Home Inspections in order to provide our clients with additional peace of mind and safety. Our services are available to homebuyers, homeowners, and business owners in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, and the surrounding areas of Arizona. Contact us at (480) 867-4599 to get a free quote on a Home Inspection today.