Sewer Inspections Performed By Dwell Inspect Arizona

A sewer inspection is performed by sending a specially designed camera and recording system into the waste drainage systems.  The camera then transmits an image onto an exterior screen so that a technician can observe the condition and function of the drainage system.

What types of issues could be found during a sewer camera inspection?

There are several issues that could be present lurking beneath the ground in your main sewer system.  Several of the issues buyers have found during home inspections include bellied sections, root growth, damaged/crushed pipes, leaking joints, misaligned pipes, corrosion, blockages, failing pipes, old material. Identifying the problems with a sewer scope, during a home inspection, consistently saves buyers thousands of dollars.

When do I need a sewer camera inspection?

For the cautious home buyer, due to the low cost versus high value potential that a sewer scope can provide, there is enough evidence that a sewer scope could be recommended with every real estate purchase in Phoenix. In general, it is HIGHLY recommended for properties over the age of 30 years old. As plumbing material ages, the pipes become clogged, brittle or worn and for many types of plumbing material, this begins to occur around this age range.  


Prior to purchasing a recently rehabilitated property in Central Phoenix, my husband and I discussed the need for a plumbing drain inspection. We received information indicating that, as part of the rehab, the plumbing material had been completely replaced. After some debate, we decided to move forward with the sewer inspection, and we could not have been happier with our decision. The plumbing inspection indicated failing and rusting plumbing material to the extent that the bottom half no longer existed.  We also found a type of plumbing material that has not been in use for over 60 years. The plumbing system needed immediate attention and complete replacement. We obtained an estimate from a reputable Phoenix Plumbing company of $18,000 for the repair. Purchasing a plumbing sewer scope, even though we didn’t think we needed one, was one of the best decisions we have made.
— Megan

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